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Download My Latest Presentation

On Friday, August 27, 2010 I presented "High Tech Document Drafting: Speech Recognition, Form Building, and Virtual Secretaries" as part of a seminar for the Louisiana State Bar Association. You can download the presentation materials by clicking the links below:

Seminar Handout (PDF - 157K)

Slide Presentation (QuickTime Format - 53.6MB)

Slide Presentation (Keynote Format - 35.4MB)

Need help with Social Networking?

We're here to help. We've created "Social Networking 101," which will take you from knowing nothing to becoming an expert in what you need to get started in 5 easy lessons:

I: Establish Your Brand

II: Choosing a User Name

III. A Word About Passwords

IV. Photos and Avatars

V. Create a Google Profile

Who is Chuck Rogers?

Chuck Rogers was the Chief Evangelist for MacSpeech, Inc. for 10 years and the Senior Small Business Evangelist for Apple before that. He bought his first Mac in 1985. He currently lives in New Orleans, LA.

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